01 June, 2006

I still believe.

All we have left now is faith, fellow Caniacs. Faith in our team, faith in ourselves, faith that the Hurricanes will win.

I believe in them. Wholeheartedly, totally. This isn't a time to be wishy-washy. This is a time for will--perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. We must be resolute in our determination, unshakable in our faith. We must rise up, fellow Caniacs, and with one voice and one heart and one soul will our team to victory.

Forget the Sabres fans that'll show up at the RBC tonight. Forget Garth and his flagrant and unrepentant lies. Forget about Lindy Ruff's acting like a horse's ass in the media. Forget about those things, for they do not matter.

The only things that matter now are the 20 guys wearing the Sightless Eye that will take to the ice tonight for the fight of their playoff lives. Focus on them, cheer for them, and most importantly love them--that love, that focus, and that energy will be returned a thousandfold.

The lots at the RBC open at 5:00, the puck drops at 7:30.

Go Canes.