26 May, 2006

I just don't get the N&O.

Well actually I do--they're really only fit to be a fishwrap, with the exception of Luke DeCock and J.P. Giglio.

But apparently the editorial staff at the paper is still incensed that the Centennial Authority wisely refused to put the RBC Center downtown, because they've been posting articles during these playoffs that make it sound like the whole freaking town is anti-hockey.

The latest flap? David Jones, a local business owner, took a utility knife to the jerseys that had been put onto four of the statues at the State Capitol because, according to him, it was "disrespectful" (and State law wasn't followed when they were put up, but apparently it's too hard to simply file a procedural grievance and avoid making a damn fool out of yourself). The N&O doesn't bother quoting any actual Hurricanes fans about the incident--instead, they get this gem from some guy who wouldn't know a puck from a spark plug:

"My name is Zebulon Vance Stephenson III, so you know where I stand -- with Mr. Jones," said the Knightdale postal supervisor whose great-grandfather worked for Vance after the Civil War helping Confederate veterans find a job. "As for ice hockey, I look on it like I do a bowel movement -- this too shall pass."

Personally? I don't think Zebulon Vance would be offended by having a jersey on his statue. Nor would Andrew Jackson. Based on historical record, Old Hickory would probably tell Mr. Jones (and Mr. Stephenson) to get over themselves and actually take in a Hurricanes game or two sometime and have some fun.

But what do I know, I'm just a fan of "that Yankee sport".

(And if anyone knows what the name of Mr. Jones' business is so that I can let people know to avoid it, please let me know. Thanks.)