27 May, 2006


See, my strategy worked--I completely ignore the game, and the Canes win. Therefore, I will be sleeping through Sunday's game (especially since I don't have the jack for tickets--I'm sure some jackass "up north" will come back with some stupid-ass NASCAR smack and call me a stupid redneck for that, but I don't care).

The 'Canes are also coming to terms with the fact that Erik Cole isn't coming back. Colesy is understandably crushed, as are the fans and teammates who were hoping for his return--but if the following comment from Justin Williams in the N&O this morning is any indication, I think that the team will be channeling their disappointment into extra effort in Game 5 on Sunday (and Game 6 on Tuesday).

"We're frustrated for him. Yes, we'd like to see him back and we thought ... we had a chance. But the reality is he's not going to be able to go, and he's one of our best players. The best thing to do is not sulk but go out there and do it for him."

Sounds like a plan to me. Go Canes.