06 June, 2006

Ouch, v.infinity


Another opposing player goes down, and yet more people whine and cry that their team would have won the game if that player had been healthy.

Nevermind that the 'Canes had already hung a four-spot on Roloson before Marc-Andre Bergeron decided to do his impression of a freight train and send the Hurricanes' Andrew Ladd (who was well outside the crease) flying into the guy. Clearly, if the Oilers were healthy they'd sweep the Hurricanes because they're Charged By God with bringing the Cup back from the Dirty South. Or something.


My knee aches in sympathetic pain for Roli, it really does--but come on. Maybe the Oilers can rally despite having Conkkanen (as one commenter tabbed the remaining Oilers' goalies) in net. Maybe the 'Canes can play three shitty periods a game instead of just two (don't laugh, they've done it many a time before). Who knows?

Don't count your team out yet, Oilers fans--I really think that they'll make a series of this come Hel or high water. I know I'm certainly not expecting this to be easy for the 'Canes.

Oh yeah, and gg My Bitch for converting on that penalty shot. That really was a beauty.