24 May, 2006

Next up: more of the same.

Wow, looks like my previous entry is getting a lot of run on the Sabres boards.

I'm also being essentially called a liar by some of the fans on those boards, because in their opinion no damage was done.

Sorry, I know the RPD well enough to know that if they didn't think they could make the charge stick they wouldn't make the bust.

Apparently it's OK to say that nobody down here knows anything about hockey because of a few vocal n00bs, but it's not OK for me to pass along an incident involving a drunk AND UNDER-AGE Buffalo fan.


Gotta love that ol' double-standard.


Wow. This is what playing like ass for 35 minutes out of 60 will get you, kids--PWNT.

The officiating was no great help, but you can't blame the refs for a complete lack of discipline, defensive breakdowns, and the Canes losing their cool.

Let me say again:

The Canes played like ass tonight. They didn't skate, they tried to be cute, and they let themselves get all caught up in that whole retaliation thing--that's why they lost. The officiating, though craptacular as always, wasn't why. The Canes beat themselves.

On to Friday.