23 May, 2006

Now there's something to be proud of.

Meet 20-year old Sean McNaughton. Sean came all the way down from Perrysburg, NY for the weekend--and wound up getting hauled off by Raleigh's Finest after he decided that it would be fun to start drunkenly running up to any and all approaching cars with Canes paraphernalia on them and pretend that he was Duke Nukem with MIGHTY FOOT ENGAGED. Sean dented the hell out of the hood of some guy's car, and now he's down at City and County wearing an orange jumpsuit (unless his parents wired him bail money by now).

Wow. I know that there have been more than a few Sabres fans out in cyberspace decrying drunken idiocy such as Sean's and making apologies for the morons in their fanbase, but crap like this is the lasting impression that the bulk of the Caniac Nation (est. 1997) will forever have when they think of the Buffalo Sabres. It doesn't matter how many apologies get made, and it doesn't matter how many other Canes fans say that they didn't have any trouble with the visiting fans--Sean and his cohorts pretty much ensured that Sabres fans will have the same reputation in R'lyeh that the Leafs fans have in Buffalo, and that even the good eggs will get met with open hostility from a lot of the locals....especially because that incident and several others (including fights between a couple locals) made it into this morning's News and Observer.

Hope you're proud of yourselves, folks.

Photo courtesy of Guyute from Teh LGC.