06 June, 2006

Five-minute Bullshit major

So I was tooling round the 'Canes boards on scout.com, and found this little gem:

I was listening to XM after the game and they had on Eklund, from Hockeybuzz.com. He's an actual decent reporter, unlike that asshat Garth, but anyway. . .

Eklund said that after the game when news got around about Roloson being done for the series, one 'Canes player, who made him promise not to quote him, slammed his fist repeatedly against his locker and said, (paraphrase) "We are going to win the Cup".

OK, first: Anyone who calls Dwayne Keith Klessel Eklund The Fraud "an actual decent reporter" is on crack.

Second: Any Hurricanes player that would do something so egregiously stupid would get the Mighty Foot planted up his ass by the Warchief and the rest of the tribal elders. Those who were around in 2002 know damn good and frickin' well that the series is FAR from over.

Third: I HIGHLY doubt that Eklund The Fraud was given any media credentials at all (and I do have ways of finding such things out, by the way), much less locker room access.

Fourth: The guys on XM lost any and all credibility they had when they allowed airtime to Eklund The Fraud and Garth The Liar.

Fifth: If said incident HAD occurred, don't you think that the Canadian mediots would have been all over it like white on rice? I certainly do!

And y'know, I would have such a snappy ending for this post, but I think I'm still trying to get my brain wrapped around the idea that people actually believe that damn fraud.

Go Canes.