07 June, 2006

Oh, REALLY? (Five-minute Bullshit Major, Part 2)

Last night, I decided to zip off an e-maul to somebody in the 'Canes org who would know (I won't reveal that person's name here because I haven't been given permission to--if that person is reading this, please drop me a line if it's OK for me to drop yer name).

I said:

Hey $NAME, a question:

Were any media credentials given to Eklund/Dwayne Keith Klessel? Just curious.

Thanks. Love ya bunches!


And lo, the response came down from Asgard 1400 Edwards Mill Road while I was at work:

Hey AQ-

I know [he wasn't] in the first three rounds, and I would guess that [he was]* not in this round either. The league controls credentialing and press seating in the Finals, so I do not have a complete list of who they issued passes to.


Eklund should know better--I can smell one of his lies like a rancid beer-fart in a car.

I am on the case with the help of another (slightly inactive) 'Canes blogger. More details to come, peeps.


The Hurricanes and the Oilers are getting ready for Game 2 tonight at the RBC Center. The question is: Which goalie will MacT activate tonight? Of course, one also wonders if the 'Canes will decide to play two slack-ass periods again--personally, I hope not. I know the Oilers are going to bring their best tonight, so by Thunder the 'Canes need to do the same.

Lots open at 3:00, Puck drops at 8:00.

Go Canes.

*:items in brackets substituted for the plural, since Eklund and Dwayne Keith Klessel are the same person.