07 June, 2006

Into the belly of the beast.

OK, first: You "Caniacs" that are trolling the Oilers blogs and boards need to knock it the fuck off, right now. You're doing the same classless shit that a bunch of a certain other team's fans did to us in the last round, and it's fucking embarrassing.

Second: Oilers fans, what the hell happened? I was expecting the Oilers to come out flying tonight, but instead they were flatter than an eight-year old's chest--and when the score got out of hand in favor of the 'Canes, they lost their cool.

Wow, where have I seen something like that happen before?

I'm actually a little skurred, now, going back to the Northlands Coliseum. Things are going to get ugly--very, very ugly--if the 'Canes aren't careful. The key will be to come out hard, put some points on the board early, and keep the pedal to the proverbial metal. If the 'Canes let the Oilers back in this series, there's going to be trouble.

Go Canes.

p.s. the new CBA is finally up.