08 June, 2006

It's not over yet.

ATTN: Newbie 'Canes fans
FROM: The Acid Queen


If I see one more post on one more message board declaring the 'Canes to be champs, I am going to kill somebody--and I'll start with you, n00b-sauce.

The 'Canes have won two games in this series so far, but that only means that they've won two games in this series so far. It doesn't mean that the 'Canes are Teh Winnar yet. All it means is that they lead the series 2-0. The Oilers are more than capable of mounting a comeback--they did it to Detroit, and they did it to San Jose.

Do I think the 'Canes realize that? Of course. Do I think the Oilers will be re-energized by playing in their own barn? Absodamnlutely.

Cheer for the 'Canes. Love the 'Canes. But for the love of Forseti, DO NOT dub them Champs until and unless the 'Canes win two more games and the Commish puts the Cxp in the Warchief's hands.


Go Canes.