07 June, 2006

Five-minute Bullshit major, Part 3: If only you knew....

Yet more on the Dwayne Klessel Eklund front.

Yes, he DOES have a press credential (through the Philadelphia Inquirer, and courtesy of his buddy Tim Panaccio)--a restricted one, which from what I understand (and have been told) means no basement-level access. He can sit on press row and meander through any part of the arena that is not at ice-level, and that's pretty much it.

He's also staying at an hotel in Raleigh, about a mile and a half from my house. So that much, at least, is true.


For the last what, two days? Yon Fraudulent One has been blogging about being at the post-practice press conferences, but his entries have come hours after the press conference is over and are verbatim copies of the post-practice press releases.

I happen to know that there's a press section set up in the north end Club level of the RBC, with monitors, computers, and everything else that a newsie might need to file a report--so why the big delay? Is he waiting out in front for a cab to come get him and take him to Crabtree Valley Mall to get some shopping in before doing the Glenwood Avenue Shuffle back to the mediot hotel?

For that matter, why the flagrant plagiarism?

Just curious.