18 February, 2006

And that's what you get for disrespectin' us.

Go Tinu!

Wonderful showing by the Italians today, too. Good job on tying the Krauts, boys. :D

17 February, 2006

Sancho, fetch me my lance!

Actually, don't bother.

You've all heard about it by now--Bryant Gumbel opened his big yap on HBO's Real Sports and blasted the Winter Olympics because there are so few black athletes participating (even though there have been more and more black athletes taking part in the games over the last 20 years). He said, among other things, that the greatest athletes in the world aren't participating and that therefore he finds it boring.


Yes, I do think his comments are racist--but as Eric McErlain pointed out, Gumbel's notorious for pursuing a double-standard. So I'm sure you'll understand why I'm electing to just point and laugh instead of getting a bug up my ass about this.

15 February, 2006

You gotta be kidding me.

OK, so I'm busy watching my beloved Azzuri (backstopped by former Whaler Jason Muzzatti) get kicked around like a hacky-sack, when I see the following headline on TSN:

Moore Files Lawsuit

Uhhh....Steve. US$15Million? What color's the sky in your world? Can you break me off a hit or two of that acid your lawyer's got you dropping? Seriously, man--help a sister out here, willya?

Whatever--I've said all I'm going to say about this topic some months ago, so Ima move on now.

ObTSNHatred:Scott Cullen is still a toolbag. Either your power rankings look at a week during the season (where the Sens have been average after coming out hot), or they deal with the whole fucking season (where the Hurricanes got hot and have so far stayed hot). Pick a lane and drive in it and stop making excuses, you douche.

And stop being such a patronizing wankstain with the people that mail you, you patronizing wankstain.

Next stop:

Latvia really gave the Yanquis a run for their money today--this was a very exciting game with two teams that played quite well, and Arturs Irbe was...well, he was (as the Latvians say) ka muris (I think I'm missing a diacritical marking in there somewhere--my apologies to any Latvian readers). I really miss that little man.

I'm also happy about the Czechs beating the Jerries today, too--though part of me is hoping that Germany makes it to the medal round just so I can see them play the Czechs, have it go to an epic shootout, and then Marek Malik pwns Kolzig in the 15th round....again.

Just because it would be funny to see.

12 February, 2006

All I want is a couple days off

Sheeeet, mang--I think I am happy for this break, because after today's game I could use a rest.

And it'll be nice to just have some time to digest everything that's happened so far this season, Hurricanes-wise.

Will post again in a couple days. Go Canes.