22 April, 2006


Dear Montreal Canadiens,

On behalf of the rest of the Caniac Nation, I apologize for the extreme crappiness of the cheerleader that sings our national anthem like she's some kind of pop star and completely butchers "O Canada" because--again--she thinks she's some kind of pop star or something. I and quite a few other fans have complained about her over the course of the season, but we've been told that we're pretty much stuck with her (personally? I think she's somebody's girlfriend).

To sum up: We know our anthem singer sucks. We're sorry she butchered your national anthem--would you please quit taking your ire out on our team? Thanks.


The Acid Queen

Dear Hurricanes fans;

The boys got wtfpwnt in their first game of the regular season too, and damn near everybody and his uncle round these parts were ready to get the gas cans and go out to immolate themselves in front of the RBC Center--but look how things turned out.

Take heart, friends and neighbours--it's one game in a seven game series. Yes, the 'Canes played like crap and got their heads handed to them on a platter. Fine. Take the lesson from it, and move on to Monday.

There's still a lot of hockey to be played.


p.s. If anyone has decided they want to abandon the team based on a bad game, please contact me at acidqueen (at) streetneeds.com and I'll be happy to take your ticket off your hands.

21 April, 2006

Rawk the Puck....eh?

The Toronto Star's Chris Young has invited several hockey bloggers (including yours truly) to participate in a music festival of puck prognostication. Go check it out.

Go Canes.

20 April, 2006

Bend over, here comes ol' One-Eye!

So it finally happened--the Leafs fired Pat Quinn. It's not really a surprise, to me. I mean, the guy pretty much had to go. The question is "who's going with him?"

My pick is that Ferguson will get the axe eventually. I mean, it's pretty much in the cards--Craig Patrick got the boot in Pittsburgh, so I have a hunch that the Leafs will hire him. As for coaching? Well, Rick Ley (best known as the coach who bashed Ron Francis on his way out of Hartford) got fired as well--so I strongly suspect that Chairman Mo will find himself placed in power by MLSE's Central Committee.

Let the games begin.

(extra AQ-points to anyone who gets the reference in the subject line without having to look it up)

Ahh, the playoffs.

How long it's been.

This is the time that separates the men from the boys and shows how truly craptacular OLN's TV deal with the NHL is--guess which series is the ONLY one that LanceTV errr The Cycling Network errr FlyersTV errr OLN is refusing to show?

If you guessed "Carolina-Montreal", you're right!

You know what? Fuck OLN. It's been my mantra all season, as I've steadfastly boycotted them because they refuse to give a fair shake to the 26 teams in the League not named Philadelphia, New York (Rangers), Colorado, or Detroit.

Moving right along:

The Hurricanes need to not take the Habs lightly. Case in point: Boston. The last two times the Habs and Bruins met in the playoffs, the Habs wound up winning because the Bruins decided "Fuck it, we're up three games to zip--it's Miller Time!" and took a vacation....which culminated in them being sent off to early tee times at Bethpage Black.

Goaltending will be pretty key, here--most wags have Huet starting in goal, but I think that Gainey might toss Aebischer at us instead (in a sort of master/padawan duel). That could be interesting to see. The refs also claim that they're going to call penalties, but I'll believe that the first time I see Ribiero called for diving when he falls to the ice like he's been shot cos Eric Staal looks at him crosseyed.

We'll see--and as I've said before, they'll finish where they finish.


17 April, 2006


Andrew Peters tees up

What is there to say? Not a thing.

16 April, 2006

Barbecue time in Hogtown

I come not to bury the Leafs, but to....uh....huh huh huh huh....later dude.

*ahem* Anyway.

After a season that's been a serious disappointment for the Leafs, I think it's time to burn things down and start over.

It was clear to me, watching the Leafs this season, that they'd pretty much gotten to tuning out Pat Quinn. It's time to turf him and get some new blood behind the bench. I don't know if I'd go with Chairman Mo as an option, because in my opinion the guy still needs to learn a few things that he never had the opportunity to learn when he ran things down here in the Old North State. Laviolette is off-limits. You hear me, Ferguson? OFF LIMITS. No Lavi for you! But really, anyone is a better option behind the Leafs' bench than Quinn right now.

Jeff O'Neill needs to go. Or more correctly, he needs to get some help getting his personal demons in check before he steps foot on the ice again. Jeff's a guy whose performance is directly tied to his mood...and psychologically speaking, he was hitting the emotional and mental bottom coming out of the lockout (and that contributed to his poor performance this season).

I've never been a huge fan of the guy, but I do appreciate his talent, and it kills me to see him slowly self-destructing. His struggles with the bottle are an open secret around these parts, and his DUI in early 2005 was pretty much the catalyst for his trade post-lockout. He's got a reputation for being a little surly and temperamental, which I think goes hand in hand with his drinking problem (and yes, Leafs fans, he does have a drinking problem). I'd hoped that going home and being near his family and that hometown support system would help him get back on track, but unfortunately all it seems to have done is accelerate his slow downward spiral. If he's talking retirement, then perhaps it's time for him to retire (or even take a season off) so he can focus on what's best for him and return to the ice a better man for it.

It's also time to give the kids more exposure. The Leafs did so well in their last 10 games because the kids got to get in there and show their stuff--and isn't it just amazing how much a shot of youthful enthusiasm can do for you? Let the kids play, let them have fun, and that too will reap dividends.

And what the smeg was up with not trading McCabe at the deadline after he asked for stupid money in contract negotiations? Good job, Fergie--you could have traded him and gotten something to help improve your team, but you sat on your ass and now the guy walks for nothing. Not only that, but there's a serious imbalance in the Leafs' forward lines that went blithely uncorrected for reasons that are too arcane even for me to figure out. This is where a smart trade or two would have helped a great deal.

Belfour? Dump him. In my opinion, JFJ should have unloaded him after the lockout to Columbus or somebody and either gotten a veteran goaltender with fewer miles on him or given Tellqvist a shot at the bigtime and found somebody to back the kid up. I'm betting that dudeman throws a rod or blows a seal or two come training camp. It's time to cut him loose and get a new goaltender--of course, the options are kinda limited. Cujo doesn't want to come back, and I don't know if I'd go with Andrew Raycroft--especially since the Bruins did such a wonderful job of shattering his confidence. Maybe they can give Pierre Lacroix a bag of crack to smoke, and then trade Belfour to the Avs for Theodore. Call the Habs, I bet they have some of the good stuff left.

Toronto's a team I respect highly--I even get along great with almost all of fans, who are not only passionate about their team (sometimes bordering on blind homerism) but also very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to hang out with. For all the teasing I send their way every now and then, and as obnoxious as Leafs Nation can be (believe me, even though I get on well with them I know how obnoxious Leafs fans are on all days ending in Y), I'd like to see the Leafs get their house in order for them.